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Liberty of Thought #1

With the rubric Liberty of Thought we intend to share with you our opinion about many contents.

In this edition, we talk about the board game Fox on the Run which will have in just two days a Kickstarter campaign starting.

We were in contact with the publisher and we were given access to a print and play version of the game to test.

Fox on the Run

Official image - Kickstarter

Game: Fox on the Run

Designer: Salvo Guastella

Publisher: BeeZarre Games


The story behind the scenes

Here it is represented the story of Indigo, a young and fearless fox which goes on a search for his sister Scarlett, lost in the mysterious forest of Mannix.

When Indigo sees Scarlett at the distance, he also sees the great wolf Zev and his buddy badger Puffer too close to his sister.

At that moment, it was clear that for the young foxes to be able to escape from the forest they cannot be captured by the guardians of the forest.

Official images - Foxes and Guardians

Talking about the components

In the print and play version for testing it were available all the pieces needed to try out the game, with a beautiful art, excellent image quality and clear symbols used. It were just missing the player pieces, being used other wooden forest animals from another game.

We are very curious to see how the final version of the game components will be!

Game setup for 2 players

Breaking the rules

Fox on the Run can be played in a group between two and four players which will be chosen for two rival teams: the Foxes and the Guardians.

After reading only once the rulebook, the victory conditions and the gameplay become clear. The rulebook that was given with the testing kit it is enlightening and presents many representative examples of what is being explained.

Those are aspects we value much in a rulebook: presenting the game objective in the beginning, keeping the explanation clear along the book and adding visual auxiliaries to help with the written information.

The Foxes win if Indigo is able to rescue Scarlett from the forest, both escaping without being seen by Zev.

Win scenario for the Foxes

The Guardians win if Zev is able to capture Indigo or if the Foxes have nowhere to hide anymore in the forest.

Win scenario for the Guardians

General review

In general, we can state that the game concept is simple but very funny. Considering the preparation of each game does not take long, we want to play it again just after finishing the previous game.

We believe this is a familiar and quick game - with a medium of 10 to 15 minutes. From the youngest to the most experienced person, it requires some strategy to reach the team objectives (and not letting the opponents get ahead), suiting through various age groups considering it does not depend of language to be played.

We also appreciate in the game the fact that each character has a special power, which makes them different from the others, having a unique game experience.

After some plays alternating between teams, we got under the impression that the Guardians team has more chances to win (when playing at two players), being a more challenging game to who is playing with the Foxes team. Zev starts the game very close to Scarlett and it is complicated for her to escape from under his paws.

We are waiting for the Kickstarter campaign to begin to see which surprises are hidden beyond the testing version we have played!








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